Multi-Cloud Service

First multi-cloud service
that makes you money

Increase productivity with only one dashboard.

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Multi-Cloud Service

Get clouds discount in few steps.
Available for new and existing infrastructure.

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Connect providers

Give us provider's API key
to connect to oocloud

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Manage & create your services
directly from our dashboard or
as you were doing before

Save time & money

Connected to your cloud providers. Give financial rights to oocloud and save money on your next invoices.


I pay my subscriptions on oocloud. Not on my providers dashboard.


I choose to change nothing or deploy my new cloud services on oocloud.

Save money

I save money each month. ∞cloud give me 10% off on my Scaleway invoices.

Domain Name
find the best for your

oocloud will find the best price from domain name providers.

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Bare Metal servers

The first place to group all your bare metal servers.

+1k plans

Find the best place and last technologies for your project. Datacenters updates plans themself.

1 invoice

hundreds providers and only one dashboard, one invoice for all your bare metal requirements.

1 dashboard

Manage your bare metal servers from oocloud. Start, reboot, setup, reverse DNS and more.

Customer support

Speak directly with the technical departement datacenter, there is no third person and lost time.

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Frequently asked questions

The rise of cloud transforms the way we consume service entirely.

Firstly, you need to sign in. Then, connect your cloud provider by provisioning the API Key.

It's your choice, you can manage service with your cloud provider or oocloud.

Of course, you can transfer your domain name to oocloud.

Maybe soon, in this time this feature is not supported.

You can create a dispute ticket and customer service will sort you out.

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